Pinpurchase Gambling: Why Use Flexepin

Among such a wide variety of payment methods a player can use for online gambling, Pinpurchase is one of the most popular. The main reason why players use Flexepin payments is security. In today’s digital age, it is very important to be safe on the Internet. The second reason is simplicity. Nothing is easier than loading money onto your Pinpurchase card at the local retailer and using it on casinos.

The process of depositing is not similar to using bank cards. You don’t need to go through additional checks and enter a code from SMS to confirm your payment. Instead, you just make a payment on the gambling website, provide a digital code, and that’s it. The money is on your casino account. This is why Pinpurchase gambling is so popular nowadays.

Using Pinpurchase doesn’t involve your banking details and even personal information. It’s totalyl anonymous because the card can be used only once. Therefore, you can gamble online without any risk to your personality. However, you cannot cash out back on your Pinpurchase card. Still, you can use any safe payment method for withdrawals too.

How to Deposit via Pinpurchase

Before playing online games for real money, you need to make a deposit. Yet before, you need to buy the Pinpurchase card of preferred denomination. Here’s how to load your casino account with money using Pinpurchase:

  1. Open the Flexepin website and find a map. Navigate your current location and check if there are nearby stores that sell Pinpurchase cards.
  2. Buy the card from the nearest location you found. It can be a retailer, gas station, and etc.
  3. On your mobile device or desktop, visit the casino site that accepts Pinpurchase.
  4. Log in and head to the cashier section.
  5. Select Pinpurchase Flexepin as your preferred deposit option.
  6. Enter the amount of your deposit. It shouldn’t exceed the denomination of the card.
  7. Enter the 16-digit pin code into the provided field.
  8. Confirm your payment.

This is how easily you can fund your casino account. Make sure to enter the pin right. Besides, if you have a casino bonus code, you need to use it when depositing.

Cons of Using PinPurchase

We have mentioned the two key reasons why you can change your deposit method in favor of PinPurchase. Although it is safe and easy method to fund your casino account, you can find some disadvantages.

First of all is that Pinpurchase doesn’t support withdrawals. Because it works as a prepaid card, you cannot transfer money to it. Besides, if it had allowed withdrawals, the process would have been a lot more complicated and longer.

The second drawback is that the prepaid cards are usually sold in stores. So you will have to visit local retail stores to buy the card. Some online stores also sell Pinpurchase products, but you need to wait for the delivery.

In Conclusion

In Canada, Pinpurchase gambling has just began to be popular. Thus, more and more online casinos accept payments via this method. The prepaid cards are very beneficial for players as they don’t reveal their banking and personal details.